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Vehicle Coffee

Vehicle Functional Mushroom Coffee is a blend of organic coffees from Central and South America, roasted to a medium roast level. To kick start your morning, we then blend in Lion's Mane functional fruiting body mushroom extract, which supports cognitive clarity, and focus. In your cup is a well rounded, earthy flavor profile that is balanced with notes of bakers chocolate, walnuts, and cinnamon, and that wonderful full-bodied coffee flavor you expect. 

About Our Chocolates

Our mushroom chocolate bars are hand-crafted in Portland, OR. Vehicle’s commitment to quality begins with how we source our chocolate and mushrooms.

Our chocolate is sourced from Tcho, a West Coast provider with exceptional values. Tcho has created innovative partnerships, developed improved farming practices with their cacao growers, and communication tools with farmers, cooperative leaders, and cacao researchers around the globe.  They strive to treat their growers fairly, source ethically, and reduce their environmental impact. 

Our functional mushroom blend is a proprietary mix inspired to help one feel the healthful benefits of mushrooms in a tasty and satisfying way. It is made from 100% fruiting bodies which contain important compounds including beta-glucans, triterpenoids including ergosterols, nucleosides and various secondary metabolites.

Our blend consist of organic Red Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushrooms. 

We source our functional mushroom extract powders from organic, gluten-free sources that promote fair trade and sustainable business. Our blend pairs incredible well with chocolate as it builds on these flavors giving them that umami that brings every bar together.

Our bars are approachable to all and have 375mg of functional mushrooms packed in every serving, 1500mg per bar. What's your daily dose? 

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