Starting a business amidst a global pandemic is no easy process. We are so thankful to our community partners and friends who believed in our concept and really came thru in helping shape Vehicle Chocolates and deserve an extra high five. 

Carrie Solomon and Jody Ake are our friends and the wife-and-husband duo behind Greater Goods. They are not new to the alternative wellness world; in 2014 they started a medical cannabis company in Oregon to bring amazing edibles and therapeutic topicals to the state. From the very start, it was important to them to make things that taste wonderful and are also effective, aligned with the types of goods that they themselves would want to consume. 

Marshall Roemen

Marshall Roemen is an amazing artist and longtime friend of our founders. He designed the Vehicle logo and packaging design. 

Danielle Gurley

Danielle has an extensive background in marketing and really came thru with ideas around our content strategy and putting a second set of eyes on our process. 

Our friends at Water Avenue Coffee not only help keep us caffeinated throughout our start-up journey, they mentored and advised on consumer packaged goods, growth 

Evolved Mushrooms

Evolved Mushrooms was founded in 2019 in Portland, Oregon in response to the growing need to enhance the health and wellbeing of our local communities.  Through cultivation and pharmacology workshops, they provide education that can help further one's understanding of how to work with mushrooms.