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We started our business in the early months of 2021, as the world slowed down. With plenty of time inside, we took to our small kitchen and started adding mushrooms to chocolate and coffee. With round after round of recipe testing, sourcing all natural organic ingredients and each taking turns over who gets to lick the spoon, Vehicle Mushrooms emerged. Each delicious bar and bag of coffee is crafted to challenge expectations of what is possible with both mushrooms,  chocolate and coffee. We hope these nutrient-packed ingredients will inspire empathy as you share these chocolates with others.

It’s not just a bar, it’s an act of care.

Team Members

Alissa Friedman

Alissa is a mycology enthusiast, cacao devotee, bodyworker, innovator and an adventurer who has a deep passion for health, wellness and community. She has called Portland, Oregon home for the past decade and been greatly informed by the Pacific Northwest culture. Alissa is committed to a daily ritual of immersing and educating herself in the sacred worlds of mycelium and cacao.

David Gurley

Dave began his career in design and marketing, before making the switch to recruiting, and then back to design, and then back to recruiting. He launched out to work for himself in 2014 and hasn’t looked back. He co-runs a small, creative recruiting firm and prides himself in his ability to connect the right people. In his spare time he’s playing outdoors, riding motorcycles, exploring every corner of Oregon and eating way too much chocolate in the process.

Matt Milletto

A native Oregonian having grown up in the Cascade wilderness, Matt Milletto is a seasoned entrepreneur. He has founded multiple companies focused on sustainability, ethical sourcing, education and quality products. Sourcing coffee and cacao for over a decade, community effort to Vehicle’s sourcing and distribution efforts by supporting the entire supply chain locally and globally.